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NEW: Audioholics lists the Silk Monitors among the “Best Loudpseakers in the World”   >|  read more  
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We Hand-Craft World-class speaker systems,  Customized to your heart's content. Whether you're looking for an audiophile-class  music system or an engaging cinematic experience, you've come to the right place. We'll help turn your dreams into reality!
High-performance designs...
The award-winning SongTower QWT's, featuring a specially-designed transmission line cabinet and sets a new price/performance standard.                      >|  click for more  
Our high-resolution series features drivers chosen from among the world's finest. A full range of world-class Veracity models, including the highly acclaimed Veracity HT3's, can be fully customized to your individual taste and style.                    >|  click for more
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Our flagship speaker line.  World-class SoundScape models were designed to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and provide unsurpassed performance.                      >|  click for more  
We offer a wide range of additional designs too numerous to                      >|  click for more  
The latest addition to our SoundScape line is bound to be a real winner. Combine the same RAAL ribbon, Accuton mid and dual-opposed passive radiators as in our SoundScape 10’s and 12’s with dual 8” woofers and you have a powerhouse that plays flat to 25Hz.  This is bound to be one of our most popular models ever. >|  click for more 
NEW!! Seas of Norway applied 60 years of audio engineering experience to the development of a new line of ultra high-end transducers. Now we’ve taken our Exotica Reference Monitor and turned it into a full-range 3- way! At 92db sensitivity, the EXOTICAs are equally at home with moderately powered tube or solid state amplification. >|  click for more 
SoundScape 8 in Matador Red Mica
Servo-controlled subwoofers for deep, accurate, low-distortion musical bass.                      >|  click for more
Want the performance of the Veracity HT2-TL’s in a size roughly the same as a pair of standard SongTowers? If so, the new Veracity ST’s are for you!                    >|  click for more
Veracity ST
NEW - SongTower here.
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