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Frank Van Alstine is a legend in the audio industry. For over 50 years, he has been producing some of the finest audio source gear in the industry. His preamps, amps and DACs are known for high- end performance at down-to-earth pricing. Frank spares no expense when it comes to the utmost in performance. At the same time, no cost is added if it does not contribute to sound quality. This "no-frills" approach results in some of the best values in high-end audio today. We personally use AVA gear and find it to be an excellent match with all of our speakers. From the integrated Insight amp, to the UltraValve tube amp, to the Fet Valve Ultra line, Audio by Van Alstine components will help you get the most out of our various speakers. What's more, Frank either owns or has spent time with almost all of our speaker models. So he can provide advice, based on personal experience, as to which of his components will provide the greatest synergy with the speaker model of your choice. NOTE: We do not sell AVA gear. But we do heartily recommend it. For information, please contact Audio by Van Alstine via email or call Frank directly at 651-330- 9871. You can review AVA's complete product line at
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