You Dream...We Build

We are often asked to undertake speaker projects for designs that either don't yet exist or are designs developed by others. Sometimes we undertake these projects and sometimes we decline.

Project Types

There are two types of custom projects we consider.

The first is a proven DIY design that someone asks us to build because they either feel they lack the skills or they simply lack the time. If these designs are not proprietary, or if the owner of the design licenses it to the particular individual requesting the build, we will usually agree.

The second type of project results when someone reads great things about driver X and driver Y and contacts us to design and build a speaker using those drivers. Often we have to decline these projects because the drivers in question simply will not work together. In these cases, we explain why the potential design is likely to result in a sub-par speaker. And, we'll often suggest alternative drivers that may work together.

If, on the other hand, this combination of drivers seems to have potential and may result in a commercially viable product, we will take the project on. Many of our designs are the result of this kind of collaboration.

Obiously, this type of project takes a great deal of time and effort. So we can only take on so many projects of this type at a given time.

Have a project you'd like us to consider?

Give us a call. We can discuss your project and, who knows, we may be able to collaborate on something great.