Highlights of this design

Great Drivers

Start with the incomparable Hiquphon OW2 silk dome tweeters. These 3/4 inch tweeters are perfectly sized to recreate the upper reaches of human hearing. Then add a pair of Seas ER15 woofers and you have a combination that is hard to beat.

Transmission Line Design

Classic TL bass response provides smooth and extended bass down to 38 Hz.

Flexible Placement

The TL design allows for greater flexibility in room placement than a standard ported speaker. You can get closer to the room boundaries without generating boomy bass.

Fabulous Musicality

Incredible sound quality makes the SongTowers one of the best values in the world of audio.


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Frequency Response

Extreme Accuracy

Flat Response

As you can see in this frequency response plot, the SongTower design is extremely accurate with ruler flat response. You will hear the music EXACTLY as it was produced.

Phase Coherent

In addition to flat frequency response, the SongTower design is phase coherent in the crossover regions resulting in a speaker that images exceptionally well.





Audioholics Review
I rarely gush over speakers as much as I have the Salk SongTower QWTs...The imaging is very good, the bass very deep and linear, and the detail is amazing...the Salks are a very, very good speaker in a very, very pretty package.

Tom Andry

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Enjoy the Music Review
Salk Signature Sound has hit an out of the park home run with the SongTower. The build quality and performance are both top shelf. In fact, they easily compare with speakers priced at two times their quite reasonable cost of admission. What I find incredible is that the SongTower is handcrafted in the United States, yet costs less than "comparable" speakers imported from other countries.

Nels Ferre

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The Absolute Sound Review
...one of the most enjoyable in some 30 years of audio reviewing, and enjoying the music is what this passion of ours should be all about. A four-star recommendation!

Dick Olsher
The Absolute Sound

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SongTowers earn top scores in Audioholics $1500-$2000 Shootout
I'd go out there and listen to everything I could. And then I'd buy the Salks. But that's just me.

Tom Andry

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Model SongTower
Design 2-way
transmission line
Tweeter Hiquphon OW2
Woofer (2) Seas ER15RLY
Response +/- 3db 38 Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity 88dB
Impedance 4 ohms minimum
6 ohms average
Amplification 100 watts
Alignment Transmission line
Dimensions 44.5 H x 8 W x 12 D
not including plinth
Weight 53 pounds each
Price$2595 per pair in black satin or white finish

$2995 per pair in a standard veneer **

Custom veneer or automotive finishes quoted on request.
* All dimensions in inches.
** Standard finishes include curly maple, curly cherry, curly walnut, oak and straight mahogany. Wood veneers can also be dyed. So, for example, you can have deep rose-red curly cherry or electric blue curly maple. See gallery for examples.

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