Highlights of this design

Ultra-low distortion

Purifi drivers are known for record-setting ultra-low distortion. So one should expect clean, clear midrange without a hint of distortion. No matter how complex the muisic, these speakers cleanly deliver it effortlessly.

Easy Load

At 88db (2.83 V/M), the BePure 3's are an easy load for just about any amp. 40 tube watts or 100 solid sate watts are plenty sufficient to drive them at relatively high SPL's.

Beryllium Tweeter

The Purifi woofers demand the kind of top end response provided by the Satori beryllium tweeter. Transparent like a ribbon, this dome tweeter offers excellent off-axis response. The beryllium cone is self-damping and has a break-up mode well beyond audibility.

Stellar Performance

You could spend more, but you're unlikely to surpass the incredible performance of the BePure 3's. They are that good!

BePure 3

The Story

We have always made it a rule to follow the development of new and ground-breaking drivers. So when Purifi introduced their first drivers, we wasted no time working on the BePure 2 design incorporating them. What we envisioned would be an incremental increase in sound quality, shocked us. This was not an incremental improvement. This was a whole new level of speaker performance.

So of course, we had to follow the BePure 2's with a 3-way. This would be the most ambitious design we had ever created. It had to be considering the incredible performance of the Purifi drivers. So there were no shortcuts or compromises allowed.

What made this design feasible was Purifi’s release of an 8” woofer. Like other Purifi drivers, distortion levels are historically low. And they are long-throw drivers that can move a lot of air effortlessly.

The BePure 3’s are built in two cabinets…a woofer cabinet and a midrange/tweeter cabinet. With such low distortion drivers, we didn’t want vibrations in the woofer to impact the performance of the midrange driver. It just wouldn’t be fair to these fine drivers.

The drivers used in this design are the Satori beryllium tweeter, the 6.5” Purifi midrange and the new 8” Purifi woofer. The woofer tuning is accomplished with dual, side-firing passive radiators eliminating any chance of port noise. Finally, the midrange is open-backed to project an expansive soundstage.

And, of course, if we used these incredible drivers, the crossover would have to be done by Dennis Murphy. He outdid himself this time!

How would we describe the sound? Words cannot do these justice. But here is a short summary: They are extremely clean and absolutely effortless with even the most complex music. These are simply in a different league than any speaker we have ever produced.


BePure 3


Model BePure 3
Design 3-way - passive radiators
Tweeter Satori Beryllium
Midrange Purifi 6.5" midrange
Woofer Purifi 8" woofer
Response +/- 3db 25Hz - 40kHz
Sensitivity 88 db (2.83 V/M)
Impedance 8 ohms
Amplification 100 watts
Alignment Passive radiators (no port noise)
Dimensions 11" W x 17.5" D x 46" H
Weight 127 pounds
Price$19995 per pair in black satin or white finish

$21495 per pair in a standard veneer with black or white front baffle**

$22995 per pair in a standard veneer **

Custom veneer or automotive finishes quoted on request.
* All dimensions in inches.
** Standard finishes include curly maple, curly cherry, curly walnut, oak and straight mahogany. Wood veneers can also be dyed. So, for example, you can have deep rose-red curly cherry or electric blue curly maple. See gallery for examples.

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