Highlights of this design


The Vercity HT2C center channel is a perfect complement not only for our Veracity series, but any speaker we build for that matter. It is an extremely high-performance 2-way center.

RAAL Ribbons

The RAAL ribbon tweeters are among the most advanaced and well-respected ribbon tweeters being made today. They insure the top end will be as transparent as possible.

Seas W18

The Seas W18 with its magnesium cone will insure the maximum resultion in the all important midrange where all the dialogue resides.

High Intelligibility

Nothing is more critical in home theater than center channel intelligibility. With the HT2C, you will have no problem understanding the dialogue. And that can only enhance your enjoyment.

Frequency Response

Extreme Accuracy

Flat Response

As you can see in this frequency response plot, the Veracity HT2C design is extremely accurate with ruler flat response. You will hear the music EXACTLY as it was produced.

Phase Coherent

In addition to flat frequency response, the Veracity HT2C design is phase coherent in the crossover regions resulting in a speaker that images exceptionally well.

Veracity HT2C


Model Veracity HT2C
Design 2-way sealed
Tweeter RAAL ribbon
Woofer Seas W18 (2)
Response +/- 3db 45Hz - 40kHz
Sensitivity 88dB
Impedance 4 ohm design
6 ohms average
Amplification 100 watts
Alignment Sealed
Dimensions 22 W x 14 D x 9 H
Weight 40 pounds
Price$3195 each in black satin or white finish

$3599 each in a standard veneer **

Custom veneer or automotive finishes quoted on request.
* All dimensions in inches.
** Standard finishes include curly maple, curly cherry, curly walnut, oak and straight mahogany. Wood veneers can also be dyed. So, for example, you can have deep rose-red curly cherry or electric blue curly maple. See gallery for examples.

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