StreamPlayer Gen II Highlights

Streaming Taken to the Next Level

We took the original StreamPlayer and upped its game. A more powerful processor and expanded memory extend the basic StreamPlayer capabilities.

Music at Your Fingertips

Easily browse and select music or entire playlists from your personal music collection. Or, you can stream Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and other streaming sources from a smart phone or tablet using Airplay or DLNA.


No mouse, no keyboard, no clutter. No need to dedicate a computer to music streaming. And since the StreamPlayer is fanless, there is no noise either.

Ultimate Flexibility

From CD-quality to hi-rez files and DSD, the StreamPlayer II can handle them all and delivery bit-perfect streams to most any DAC via USB. Optional S/PDIF outputs available as well.

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StreamPlayer Gen II

The Story

Great Pedigree

For a few years now, we had been building the first generation of our StreamPlayer based on an embedded processor and a stripped down version of Linux. These were very stable units that performed admirably for the task at hand.

But with the advent of DSD and the proliferation of all manner of DACs, we figured it was about time to develop a higher power version of our StreamPlayer with improved USB support for the wide range of DACs coming on the market. Thus, the Generation II StreamPlayer was born.

Generation II is Born

This new version is based on a full-blown Intel computing platform with all the horsepower required both now and down the line. But we didn't stop with new hardware. We generated a custom build of the Linux operating system from the ground up. Only those functions required for the operations involved were included, so there is no extra software layer to bog things down. This is as stripped down as it gets.

What does this mean to you? It means that all the power is harnassed and directed only at the critical tasks at hand. So you will have all the power you need. And it also means the StreamPlayer's software simplicty will result in a unit that is extremely stable and unlikely to crash.

We also re-designed the StreamPlayer web interface to add new features and streamline operations.

The Result

The Generation II StreamPlayer puts the world of music at your fingertips. You can store and play your entire music collection and access it without leaving your listening position. And with AirPlay compatibility, you can stream Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, podcasts or any other audio from your device right to the StreamPlayer. DLNA compatibility also extends your library to any DLNA-compatible device in your home.

With the StreamPlayer Generation II, you have the world of music at your fingertips.


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StreamPlayer Gen II

Screen Shots

StreamPlayer Model Comparison

Processor Intel i3Core Quad Core Intel i7Core Quad Core Intel i7Core Quad Core
Memory 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
Storage 2 TB standard 2 TB standard SSD + 2 TB standard
OS 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 64-bit Linux
Web Interface
Full Generation II
DSD Capable *
Apple AirPlay
Roon-Ready **
Tidal Integration ***
with Roon
USB Outputs
Size 8.5 W x 2 H x 12.25 D 11.25 W x 3 H x 9 D 18 W x 4 3/8 H x 14 D
Price $ 1495 $ 1695 $2495
* Requires DSD-capable DAC ** Roon requires yearly or lifetime subscription. *** Tidal and/or Qobuz require monthly subscriptions.
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